Host: Kenneth D. Stweart (@KennethDStewart)

How is the notion of venue being rewritten? What are the preferred spaces for new music? How has the internet become the central venue for our musical thrust?


I. Understanding that depending on our musical discipline, venue can mean many different things. I tried to be fluid in concept.

II. I’m asserting venue as: a public concert/performance space where there is exchange between audience and musical participant(s).

III: One of the key focuses of my questioning is placed upon the technologies we use to promote our music to a larger audience.


1 – Intros. Name, location, involvement with music. What is the most common venue for your musical utterance?

2 – What is the most successful/preferred venue for your musical utterance? In what kind of venue does your music thrive best?

3a – (For composers) To what extent do you take the venue of the premiere under consideration in the composition process?

3b – (Open season) Either specifically or in general, how can the venue make or break a performance?

3.1 – Audience is crucial!! Does/can the venue or does the music determine the audience’s attendance?

4 – What might be some ways we can alleviate the cost constraints of the pricier venues? Streaming?

5a – What can be done by us right now to maximize the potential of live streaming as a venue?

5b – Within the current paradigm of streaming technologies, where is there need for innovation? By this I mean: better sound quality, HD+ video, enhanced multimedia, well-documented concert archive, improved revenue, etc.

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