Host: Maggie Stapleton, music programmer for Second Inversion/Classical KING FM 98.1 (@secondinversion)

We’ve all probably heard it at some point: “Radio is dying.” KING FM Assistant Program Director (and manager of Second Inversion) Maggie Stapleton leads a conversation about ways that radio is thriving (or is it?) in the terrestrial and digital mediums, the role that new music plays in the fold, what you’d like to see and hear on the platforms you’re using, and ideas about how radio can better serve you.


  1. Name, location, occupation, & call letters (and/or Twitter handle!) of your local station that plays classical music.
  2. Do you still think of “radio” as on-the-dial only? If not, how do you define “radio” in this day and age of digital platforms? Do you think Pandora is radio?
  3. What is your #1 most used music platform (personal library, Spotify, radio (online/terrestrial)), etc. and why?
  4. If you could change one thing about your #1 platform to make it better, what would it be?
  5. How much talk (about the music) do you want to hear when you’re listening to music? A lot, a little, none?
  6. Research shows that the #1 core value for classical radio is “relaxation.” Does this apply to you? If not, what is yours?
  7. How much does the actual video content matter in #newmusic YouTube (or Vimeo) videos? Do you use it mostly for the audio?
  8. If you created a new music radio show, 24/7 stream, or podcast what would you ABSOLUTELY include? General or specific things.

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