Host: Jolene Masone (@jkmbassoon)

We all have something to say, but how do you make it about you, without making it all about… you?


  1. Fill this out! “I’m a [PROFESSION] who is passionate about [THINGS YOU’RE INTO] . My mission is to [HOW YOU’RE CHANGING THE GAME] by [SECRET WEAPON].”
  2. Do you, as an artist, feel pressure to be “different”, or “interesting?
  3. What is the difference between bragging about and promoting your work?
  4. Do you feel ok cold-calling/emailing people?
  5. How can we be better citizens in our own communities? Especially for the arts, within the arts?
  6. What is one arts project you would like to start in your community?

Arthur Breur added a 7th question: What one thing can you do TOMORROW to help promote yourself & arts in your community?

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